Kim Fupz Aakeson


LanguageDanish, English
EducationThe Danish Film School

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Film and TV Productions - Writer

2023Camino (Feature) MOTOR for Viaplay
2021Utmark (TV Series) (creator) Paradox Film 8 AS for HBO Europe
2020Vargen kommer (TV Series) (writer - 2 episodes) DR Drama
2019Cold Pursuit (based on the movie 'Kraftidioten' written by) Paradox
2018Vitello (TV Series) (screenplay - 13 episodes) Zentropa
2018Unga Astrid (Feature) Avanti Film
2017Jeg er William (Feature) Meta Film
2017Vitello (Feature) Zentropa
2017Darling (Feature) Zentropa
2016Feed the Beast (TV Series) Created by. DR
2015Lili - Lili Has a Guest (TV Series) Writer 1 ep. DR
2015Rosita (Feature) Nordisk Film
2014-15Restaurangen (TV Series) Creator 16 ep. DR
2014En sång från hjärtat (Feature) Nordisk Film
2014En iskall jävel
2013In order for disappearence. (Feature) Paradox
2012A Caretakers Tale (Feature) Zentropa
2012Mercy (Feature) Badlands
2011Happy End (Feature) Zentropa Sweden
2011Room 304 (Feature) Alphaville
2011Perfect Sence (Feature) Sigma Films
2010The Family (Feature together with Pernille Fisher Christensen) Zentropa
2010A somewhat gentle man (Feature) Paradox
2008Little Soldier (Feature) Zentropa
2008Dancers (Feature) Zentropa
2007To love somebody (Feature) Nordisk Film Sverige
2007Second Half (Feature) Paradox
2006Prague (Feature) Nimbus
20061:1 (Feature) Zentropa
2005China Man (Feature) Fine & Mellow
2005Accused (Feature) Nordisk Film
2005Big Plans (Feature) Angel Films
2004Aftermath (Feature) Nordisk Film
2004In your hands (Feature together with Annette K. Olesen) Zentropa
2003Old, new, borrowed and blue. (Feature) Nordisk Film
2002Okay (Feature) Angel Films
2002Minor Mishaps (Feature) Zentropa
2000Miracle (Feature) Nimbus
1999The one and only (Feature) Sandrew Metronome
1998Hannibal & Jerry (Feature together with Wikke & Rasmussen) GRÆSTED Film

Awards and Nominations

2015Nominated Best Original Screenplay "En du elsker" at the Robert Festival
2015Nominated Best Short-Format TV Series "Bankerot" at the Robert Festival
2012Won Screenplay Award "Gnade" at the Hamburg Film Festival
2012Nominated Best Screenplay "En familie" at the Robert Festival
2007Won Golden Swan Best Screenplay "Den man älskar" at the Copenhagen International Film Festival
2007Won Honorary Award at the Copenhagen International Film Festival
2007Won Directors' Week Award Best Screenplay "Rene hjerter" at the Fantasporto
2007Nominated Best Screenplay, Original "Rene hjerter" at the Robert Festival
2007Nominated Best Screenplay, Original "En soap" at the Robert Festival
2005Won Best Script "Anklaget" at the Warsaw International Film Festival
2005Nominated Best Screenplay, Original "Forbrydelser" at the Robert Festival
2005Nominated Best Screenplay, Original "Lad de små børn..." at the Robert Festival
2003Won Honorary Award For the substantial contributions to the success of Danish film at the Bodil Awards
2003Nominated Best Screenplay (Årets originalmanuskript) "Okay" at the Robert Festival
2002Nominated Nordic Council's Film Prize "Okay"
2001Best Screenplay "Mirakel" at the Robert Festival
2000Won Best Screenplay "Den eneste ene" at the Robert Festival