Photographer: Mattias Lindbäck
Photographer: Mattias Lindbäck
Photographer: Alexander Mahmoud
Photographer: Mattias Lindbäck
Photographer: Alexander Mahmoud
Photographer: Carl Thorborg
Photographer: Carl Thorborg
Photographer: Joakim Rolandsson
Photographer: Elle
Photographer: Carl Thorborg

Adam Pålsson


LanguageSwedish, English
EducationThe Swedish Academic School of Drama

Print CV

Film- and TV productions

2020Young Wallander (TV series) Netflix
2020Avenue 5 (TV Series) Creator: Armando Iannucci. HBO
2020Barn (Feature) Dir: Dag Johan Haugerud. Motlys
2019Pelle Svanslös (Feature) (voice) SF
2019Helt Perfekt (TV Series) Season III. Dir: Sofia Jupither. Jarowskij
2019Helt Perfekt (TV Series) Season II. Dir: Sofia Jupither. Jarowskij
2019Innan vi dör (TV Series) Season II Dir: Kristian Petri. B Reel/SVT
2018Helt Perfekt (TV Series) Season I. Dir: Sofia Jupither, Hallvar Witzø. Jarowskij
2018Moscow Noir (TV series) Dir: Mikael Håfström. Spark Produktion
2018Ted - för kärlekens skull (Feature) Dir: Hannes Holm. Stella Nova Film
2017Innan vi dör (TV Series) Dir: Simon Kaijser. B Reel/SVT
2015The Bridge, season 3. (TV series) Dir: Henrik Georgsson, Rumle Hammerich. Filmlance/SVT
2015Boymachine (TV series) Dir: Felix Herngren. FLX/TV4
2015Solsidan (TV Series) Dir: Felix Herngren. FLX/TV4
2015Boys (TV Series) Dir. Olof Leth. SVT
2015Life in Squares (TV Mini-Series) Dir: Simon Kaijser. BBC
2014Arne Dahl - Dödsmässa (TV series). Dir: Harald Hamrell. Filmlance
2014Gerilla. (Feature). Dir: Anders Hazelius.
2014Den rätta (Short) Alexandra Dahlström
2014I nöd eller lust (Feature). Dir: Kjell Sundvall.
2013Kärleken bryr sig inte (Short) Dir: Farzad Farzaneh.
2013Fågel Fenix (Short) Dir: Alexandra Dahlström
2013Lasse-Majas Detektivbyrå - Von Broms hemlighet (Feature) Dir: Pontus Klänge, Walter Söderlund. SF
2012Hollstein Gottorp (TV series) Dir: Jacob Seth Franson, Mårten Klingberg. Jarowskij
2012Torka aldrig tårar utan handskar (TV series) Dir: Simon Kaijser. SVT.
2011Prinsen (Short) Dir: Anders Hazelius. Migma Film
2010Behind blue skyes (Feature) Dir: Hannes Holm. Fladen Film
2010Människor helt utan betydelse (Short) Dir: Gustaf Skarsgård. St Paul Film
2009Så olika (Feature) Dir: Helena Bergström. Sweetwater
2007Ett öga rött (Feature) Dir. Daniel Valentin. Tre vänner
2005Buss till Italien (Feature) Dir: Daniel Lind Lagerlöf. Dalia film


2018Brunch med Kristin Kaspersen (Short) Stella Nova


Adam Pålsson is one of the most prominent actors in Sweden today. Trained at the Stockholm Dramatic School, Pålsson graduated in 2011. He started acting at an early age and went on to build an impressive career on stage, big screen and TV. Pålsson became a household name in Sweden and known to the broad international audience with his fearless and intense interpretation of an AIDS-dying young man in Never Dry The Tears Without Gloves, written by Jonas Gardell and directed by Simon Kaijser for SVT (The Swedish Public Service TV). He managed to accomplish an impressive opus on stage working on plays like Amadeus, Dangerous Liasons, Madame Bovary – to mention just a few - while continuing to work on critically acclaimed and audience favoured TV shows like The Bridge, Code 1525 and Before We Die. He won Kristallen (The Swedish TV prize) in 2017 for his role in the latter. Pålsson proved to be a musical star as well when acting and singing in Ted – For Love Sake, a biopic about the Swedish legendary pop star, Ted Gärdestad. Pålsson can be seen as the lead in C More’s original Moscow Noir - a dark and thrilling tale of a young Swedish banker balancing politics and Russian oligarchs in the beginning of this century in Moscow. In the Netflix series Young Wallander Pålsson can be seen as the lead Kurt Wallander.